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Our Adhesives 5kg, and 20kg
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*Underfloor Heating *Plywood & Chipboard *Natural Stoned & Porcelains
(Also We Do This 1 in a 5KG BAG)
*Underfloor Heating *Plywood & Chipboard *Natural Stoned & Porcelains *Extended Open Time
*Underfloor Heating *Plywood & Chipboard *Natural Stoned & Porcelains
*Ceramic Tiles *Extended Open Time *Internal & External Use 3mm - 12mm Bed Depth
*Underfloor Heating *Plywood & Chipboard Overlay *Natural Stones & Porcelains
*Underfloor Heating *Plywood *Porcelain *Natural Stone Tiles
*Excellent Self Levelling Properties *Tile After 45 - 60 Minutes *Apply Impervious Floor Finishes After 90 Minutes
*Fibre Reinforced And Flexible *Apply From 2 - 50mm In One Application *Ideal For Timber Substrates *Ideal for Underfloor Heating Systems *Fast Setting, Can Be Tiled On After 3 Hours *Apply Impervious Floor Finishes After 24 Hours *High Durability, Use As a Wearing Surface
*Underfloor Heating *Plywood *Porcelain *Natural Stone Tiles
*Fast Setting *Light Foot Traffic After 4 Hours *Apply Up To 12mm In One Coat *Fix Ceranic Tiles After 8 Hours *Apply Up To 25mm Depth When Mixed With Aggregate
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